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large black tourmaline crystal pendant

large black tourmaline crystal pendant

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Necklace length
  • overall approx. 57mm (2.24 inches) long crystal pendant including the bail
  • 40.5mm (1.59 inches) long black tourmaline crystal
  • black sterling silver chain in the length of your choice

This necklace features a nicely shaped tourmaline gemstone with a solid black color. It has an awesome, clean triangle shape with shiny sides. Gemstone weight is 45 carats.

The crystal is held by a handmade sterling silver setting, adjusted to the shape of this particular stone. The surface is dark oxidized. Bail opening is 5.5mm.



Minimalist crystal pendant with a rustic character on a dark oxidized silver chain. Great gift for all lovers of Nature's creations and the Great Outdoors. Tourmaline is a gift for your 8th anniversary and an October birthstone.


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