About us

For our portfolio and looks behind the scenes visit  https://www.instagram.com/crazyassjewelry or our other website https://www.crazyassjd.com


Back in early 2013 when we started our jewelry business, the objective was to be everything - except for boring. Modern jewelry is often very sleek, very similar, very ... all the same. And starting a business with little money, few contacts, and in a foreign country was considered crazy for sure! Yet here we still are, more than 10 years later, going strong - thanks to our wonderful customers from around the world.

We enjoy combining different metal tones, textured surfaces and shapes into interesting, one of a kind adornement pieces. Our pieces celebrate raw as well as cut gemstones, gold nuggets and authentic ancient coins.

Our entirely handcrafted jewelry shows the traces of being handmade. No shortcuts, no cutting corners, no mass production. Only true traditional metal smithing techniques, that were cultivated and handed down over centuries involving hammers, a handsaw and a wooden workbench.

The maker behind all our jewelry pieces is Claudia, a classically trained goldsmith from Germany. Now she incorporates old techniques like hand engraving, sand casting, fabrication and forging into modern jewelry pieces and passes them on to the next generation of gold- and silversmiths. Everything is proudly handmade in the USA. Made to last a lifetime and beyond.

We take pride in using only reclaimed and recycled metals to reduce our footprint and effect on the environment. Chemicals are kept to a minimum. The gemstones used in our jewelry pieces are either locally sourced and cut by us, or are sustainably sourced, cut and sold by small family businesses that we know personally.