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Australia gold nugget necklace no. 929

Australia gold nugget necklace no. 929

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Necklace length
  • overall approx. 29mm (1.14 inches) big pendant including the bail
  • pendant weight is 9.29 grams
  • gold filled chain in the length of your choice
  • ready to ship

This pendant features a real, pure gold nugget from Australia. All natural, untreated and just as mined from the earth, with a saturated lush gold color and a beautiful raw surface.  Australian gold nuggets are some of the purest in the world, highly collectible and contain 95%-99% of pure gold.
The soldered on bail is made from solid 14k yellow gold and accommodate chains up to 3mm in diameter.

Overall pendant hanging length is 29mm (1.14 inches) with the nugget itself being 22 x 15.5mm (0.86 x 0.61 inches) big.

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