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black diamond ring set in black silver and 14k gold

black diamond ring set in black silver and 14k gold

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IMPORTANT: Please let us know which ring size you need in the text field on this page.

Viking style black diamond ring, 100% handcrafted in 14k gold and black sterling silver.

  • 14k gold prongs
  • made to order in your ring size within 3-4 weeks
  • optional 2mm wide gold silver stacking band

Though being raw in shape and surface all gemstones have a shiny luster. Diamonds A and B have a dark charcoal grey color. All others are a 'true' black. The gemstone will be safely set in a closed bezel setting.

The ring band is 2.0mm wide, made from sterling silver. Adorned with 14k gold. Every ring will have a slightly different gold pattern, making it uniquely yours.

Hallmarked with 14k and .925.

Available diamonds:

Diamond A: 7.4x8mm, 2.24 carats
Diamond B: 8.8x6mm, 2.32 carats
Diamond C: 8x6.2mm, 1.28 carats
Diamond D: 8x6mm, 1.53 carats

Diamond E: 9x8mm, 1.84 carats
Diamond F: 9x7.5mm, 2.07 carats
Diamond G: 8.5x8mm, 2.43 carats
Diamond H: 8x7.5mm, 2.26 carats

Diamond I: 8.2x9mm, 3.10 carats
Diamond J: 9.5x8.8mm, 3.03 carats
Diamond K: 10.3x8mm, 2.34 carats
Diamond L: 10x9mm, 3.06 carats

Diamond M: 10.2x8mm, 2.43 carats
Diamond N: 9.5x8.5mm, 3.41 carats
Diamond O: 9x8.5mm, 3.13 carats
Diamond P: 10.5x10mm, 4.77 carats

Diamond Q: 9.7x9mm, 2.85 carats
Diamond R: 11.2x8.3mm, 3.70 carats
Diamond S: 10x10mm, 3.73 carats

Diamond T: 11x9.8mm, 4.05 carats
Diamond U: 12x10mm, 4.39 carats
Diamond V: 11x11mm, 5.01 carats

If you would like a close up of a certain diamond, or if you would like the ring made from a different metal (gold, palladium, platinum or mixed metal) please send us a message.


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