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Morenci turquoise silver ring

Morenci turquoise silver ring

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Stunning blue Morenci turquoise ring, hand crafted in dark oxidized sterling silver.

  • fully handcrafted sterling silver ring
  • genuine turquoise gemstone from the Morenci mine, located in Southern Arizona/ USA
  • locally mined and cut gemstone, about 17x13mm (0.66 x0.51 inches) big
  • this ring fits a size US 7 1/2
  • ready to ship in 3-5 days

This blue turquoise is a natural, untreated and earth-mined Morenci turquoise with an incredible intensive blue color, which is the most desirable color in Morenci turquoise. Some matrix areas and few lighter areas are present.
The Morenci turquoise mine is located in Southeastern Arizona. It is the by-product of a large open-pit copper mining operation and dates back to 1864. Though no turquoise is actively being produced at the Morenci mine, small amounts do still come to market each year from the stock that was mined previously.

Cut into an organic drop shape. The turquoise is safely set in a closed bezel setting, which protects the gemstone. Framed by a second ring of silver for a shadowbox style. The center is overall 24x19mm (0.94 x 0.74 inches) big.

The sterling silver ring band is split into 3 strands. The bottom is a comfortable 3.5mm wide. Hallmarked with .925. Oxidized and brushed matte.


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