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blue boulder opal adjustable silver bracelet

blue boulder opal adjustable silver bracelet

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Adjustable Australian opal bracelet, hand made from solid sterling silver.

  • real Australian boulder opal gemstone
  • all sterling silver bracelet
  • adjustable up to a total length of 9.89 inches, so it will fit small to large women's wrists
  • ready to ship

This gemstone is an all natural, earth-mined and untreated Boulder opal from Queensland/ Australia. Cut into an organic shape the opal measures 24x16.5mm (0.94x0.65 inches) and weighs 18.3 carats.
This opal has a stunningly beautiful blue color and looks just like waves in a tropical lagoon. In direct sunlight you can observe green play of fire.
Set in a closed bezel setting for extra protection. The setting's widest spot is 18mm wide.

The bracelet itself is made from 1.8mm wide sterling silver rounded box chain. The slide lets you adjust the bracelet length easily.

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