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meteorite cufflinks dark silver

meteorite cufflinks dark silver

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Real iron meteorite and sterling silver cuff links, dark oxidized.
The perfect gift for men (and women) who wear suits every day or only on special events like your wedding, anniversary etc. A perfect gift for any special occasion or bridal party member.

These unique cuff links are 100% handmade from sterling silver, dark oxidized. In the center of the organic silver sits a piece of iron meteorite parto of Campo del Cielo, a meteorite that came from outer space and hit earth about 5000 to 6000 years ago in Argentina. The meteorite was discovered in 1576 and pieces were found in more than 26 craters. The meteorite consists of 92.6% pure iron, 6.68% nickel, 0.43% cobalt and traces of other elements.

The meteorite pieces used are about 10mm in diameter each. Cuff link disc diameter is 19mm (0.74 inch).

Although the structure looks rough, all areas have been rounded with care so they are not scratchy and won't damage your clothes.
French hinged cuff link base, sterling silver. Dark oxidized and hallmarked with 925.
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