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molten bronze silver ring, cool men's wedding ring

molten bronze silver ring, cool men's wedding ring

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Ring band width

Richly structured bronze ring with an inside silver lining.

  • 100% hand crafted bronze silver ring
  • ring band in the width of your choice, overall 1.6mm thick
  • can be engraved on the inside
  • made to order within 3-4 weeks

IMPORTANT: Please let us know which ring size you need in the text field on this page.

This bronze ring has a unique surface, created by fire. Slimmer parts and wider parts, dents and bumps, valleys and mountains - all united in one ring. Every ring will be absolutely one of a kind as the surface is created by lucky coincidence. 
Hallmarked with 925.

These rings will develop a unique oxidation through the contact with your skin while wearing it. As these rings are not cast but formed from a sheet of metal there is a solder joint as a fine line.

Unique wedding band, cool ring for men and women alike and perfect to be worn every day. Also wonderful as a gift for your 8th and 19th wedding anniversary.

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