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silver Owl of Athena drachm coin pendant, set in 14k gold

silver Owl of Athena drachm coin pendant, set in 14k gold

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Necklace length

Authentic ancient Greek Owl of Athena coin, set as a pendant in solid 14k yellow gold.

  • overall pendant hanging length is 23mm (0.9 inches) including the bail
  • authentic ancient silver coin, struck between 281 - 272 B.C. in Calabria/ Tarentum; very fine condition with amazing detail
  • black sterling silver chain in the length of your choice

This coin is about 2300 years old, and being made from the finest silver, it lasted during the centuries. The dark patina has been partially lifted for better visibility of the depictions.

With 14.6mm in diameter, the coin is a rare drachm size, which is much more rare than the bigger, more common tetradrachm coin. Coin weight is 3.24 grams. Athena's owl is depicted standing on a thunderbolt with wings spread. The obverse shows Athena, wearing a helmet decorated with Scylla.

In Greek mythology, Athena was the favorite child of Zeus and was born full-grown and armored from his forehead. Athena became the Goddess of wisdom, peace, warfare, strategy and reason.
Athena was associated with birds and often appears accompanied by her owl, which has been used as a symbol of knowledge and wisdom throughout the western world.

The coin is safely held by a minimalist 4-prong setting, made from solid 14k yellow gold that will stay beautiful forever. The bail will accommodate chains up to 4mm in diameter.

This coin is NOT a replica, but a real ancient artifact. You will receive a Certificate of Authenticity.


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