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Atocha shipwreck coin 2 Reales set in 18k - Mel Fisher coin

Atocha shipwreck coin 2 Reales set in 18k - Mel Fisher coin

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Necklace length

Authentic 2 Reales Atocha treasure coin pendant, set in solid 18k yellow gold.

  • overall pendant size is 38.5mm (1.51 inches) including the bail
  • black sterling silver chain in the length of your choice
  • ready to ship within 3-5 days

This particular coin was minted under Philip III (1598-1621), King of Spain. Minted in Potosi/ Bolivia, at that time a Spanish colony in South America. Coin weight is 4.1 grams. Measures 23.3 x 20.1mm.
Being in the ocean for 400 years the salt water and erosion wore down the Habsburg shield on the obverse, which is faintly recognizable. The cross on the reverse is very well preserved.

The smaller 2 Reales coins from the Atocha are extremely rare as they were only a small percentage of coins on board the Atocha and didn't survive the long time in saltwater as well as the larger 8 Reales coins.

Set in a minimalistic hand crafted setting, made from solid 18k gold. Bail opening is 5mm. Hallmarked with 18k.

This coin was sea salvaged by Mel Fisher in 1986 and comes with the Certificate of Authenticity signed by Mel Fisher.

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