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uncut Bisbee turquoise nugget pendant

uncut Bisbee turquoise nugget pendant

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Necklace length
  • overall pendant hanging length is 44mm (1.73 inches) including the bail
  • real Bisbee turquoise gemstone measures 38x25mm (1.49x0.98 inches)
  • black sterling silver chain in the length of your choice
  • ready to ship in 3-5 days

This pendant has been made from old Bisbee turquoise, mined in the 1970's. Left completely natural & untreated the gem was gently smoothed to preserve its natural beauty. It has a somewhat folded shape.
The gemstone nugget has a saturated blue turquoise color with lighter and darker areas. Naturally occurring veins of golden pyrite run through it. Gemstone weight is 30.21 carats or 6.04 grams. All natural gemstone - not stabilized or dyed in any way.

The bail is made from sterling silver, black oxidized. The turquoise can move freely on the bail so it always hangs perfectly around your neck. Bail opening is 4mm.

Bisbee turquoise is perhaps one of the most valued and best types of turquoise ever produced.
In the late 1950's, a deposit of Turquoise was found in the Lavendar Pit region of the Bisbee Mine. Having only ever been mined by one independent miner for a short 2 year period from 1972-1974, the turquoise is primarily a by-product of the worlds largest copper mine.
The turquoise is quite hard and is one of the most expensive today, as very little quantities of this amazingly beautiful gem are available on the market.

Stunning necklace for men and women alike. Wear it alone or layered with other necklaces. Turquoise is the traditional gift for your 5th and 17th anniversary and an alternate gift for your 11th anniversary. Turquoise is a December birthstone.

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