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real meteorite ring, cool meteorite wedding band

real meteorite ring, cool meteorite wedding band

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Bold sterling silver ring inlaid with a real, solid meteorite center. A large, hefty ring with a lot of weight to it.

  • real Muonionalusta meteorite center
  • sterling silver sides and inside band
  • available in light silver or dark oxidized
  • can be engraved
  • made to order within 4-6 weeks

Center of this ring is real, solid Muonionalusta iron-nickel meteorite. Each ring features a solid meteorite piece with the famous Widmanstätten pattern, that will be different for each ring, making it uniquely yours. Blue-purple patina on the meteorite. Available in grey upon request. This ring will be about 9mm and 3.5mm thick. As the meteorite is iron, it is best to keep the ring dry (take it off during showering or bathing or dry it off thoroughly).

Sterling silver on the sides and inside of the band. Hallmarked with 925.

These rings can NOT be resized, so please make sure to order the correct size. If you are not sure of your ring size, please reach out.

The Muonionalusta meteorite hit earth 1 million years BCE in Northern Scandinavia. The first piece was discovered in 1906. It is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, meteorite on earth.


Cool men's wedding ring, unique engagement ring for men and perfect to be worn every day.

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