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real widows mite coin pendant in sterling silver

real widows mite coin pendant in sterling silver

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Sterling silver pendant with a real, ancient widows mite bronze coin of your choice.

Each one of these coins was minted between 103-76 B.C. under king Alexander Jannaeus, one of the last Jewish kings before the Roman annexation of Judaea. Made from an ancient bronze alloy, with amazing details even after 2000 years, and a rich patina. The coins depict an 8-ray star, struck slightly off center. The other sides show an anchor within a circle. Diameters are 15-16mm.

  • overall pendant length will be around 22mm (0.86 inches), depending on the coin
  • sterling silver chain in the length of your choice
  • made to order

These coins were the smallest coins circulated in Jerusalem, and were still in use at the time of Jesus.
In the New Testament, Mark 12:41-44, Jesus tells the rich men of the temple that though they gave of their wealth, the widow gave her only two mites – a true gift of the heart.

All coins are real ancient artifacts and will come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

If you don't have a preferred orientation (which side up) we would choose what works best for the coin and the pendant. Depending on the coin it will be cleaned if needed.

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