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Cilician Armenia silver coin necklace - Levon I

Cilician Armenia silver coin necklace - Levon I

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Necklace length

Handcrafted pendant with an authentic Crusader silver coin set in sterling silver.

  • overall pendant hanging length is 31mm (1.22 inches) incl. the bail
  • authentic silver coin from the Kingdom of Cilician Armenia
  • minimalist sterling silver setting
  • sterling silver chain in the length of your choice
  • ready to ship within 3-5 days

This coin was minted under Levon I (also Leo I) in the Kingdom of Cilician Armenia between 1199-1219. Minted from an ancient silver alloy, 21mm in diameter, weighing approx. 2.94 grams. Very fine condition.
The obverse depicts Levon seated facing on throne decorated with lions, holding globus cruciger and lis-tipped sceptre. Surrounded by ✠ "Levon, king of the Armenians" in Armenian script.
The reverse shows a two lions rampant back-to-back, each with heads reverted; patriarchal cross in between. Surrounded by ✠ "By the will of God" in Armenian script.

During his reign, Levon I established a powerful and unified Christian state. He led his armies in the 3rd Crusade, providing also guides, provisions and pack animals for the crusaders.

Set in a handmade sterling silver setting with a brushed matte surface. The bail will accommodate chains up to 5mm in diameter. Hallmarked with .925.

This coin is an authentic ancient artifact. All of our coins were purchased from a trusted and reliable source. You will receive a Certificate of Authenticity.

 Ready to ship within 3-5 days.


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