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Knights Templar coin pendant set in 14k gold - Bohemond III of Antioch

Knights Templar coin pendant set in 14k gold - Bohemond III of Antioch

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Necklace length

Authentic medieval silver coin pendant, set in a hand crafted 14k gold setting.

  • overall pendant hanging length is 26mm (1.02 inches) including the bail
  • authentic Knights Templar silver coin, used in the Crusades during the 11th - 13th century
  • minimalist 14k yellow gold setting
  • gold plated chain in the length of your choice
  • ready to ship in 3-5 days

This coin was minted under Bohemond III of Antioch (modern Syria/ Turkey) between 1163-1201. The coin depicts a cross with a crescent in the second quarter, surrounded by "+ANTIOCHIA".
The obverse shows a helmeted head left wearing chain-mail, crescent to left, star to right, surrounded by "+BOAHVHDVS".

Bohemond III was the Prince of Antioch and an ally of the Byzantine Empire.

The coin itself is made from an ancient silver alloy, about 18mm in diameter, with the original patina. Very fine condition with a clear, detailed depiction on both sides. Safely held by a four prong setting, handmade from solid 14k yellow gold and polished to a nice shine. Bail opening is 4mm.

This coin is NOT a replica, but a real ancient artifact. Certificate of Authenticity will be provided.


Unique necklace for men and women alike. An awesome gift for a special person, coin collectors or also to keep for yourself. Wear it alone or layered with other necklaces.

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