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silver meteorite ring set, unique engagement ring set for women

silver meteorite ring set, unique engagement ring set for women

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  • genuine iron meteorite (Campo del Cielo)
  • 2mm sterling silver hammered ring band
  • optional shadow band
  • made to order within 3-4 weeks

The irregular meteorite is part of Campo del Cielo, a meteorite that came from outer space and hit earth about 5000 to 6000 years ago in Argentina. The meteorite was discovered in 1576 and pieces were found in more than 26 craters. The meteorite consists of 92.6% pure iron, 6.68% nickel, 0.43% cobalt and traces of other elements.

Each meteorite is fully natural and uncut. It's irregular nugget shape sits perfectly in the hand crafted bezel, about 9x6.5mm big.
It has a unique surface with a lot of dents and bumps, typical for meteorites. The color is a dark silver-grey. All of them were handpicked for their beauty.

The delicate ring band is made from sterling silver and is 2mm wide, hammered and hallmarked with 925. The band is polished.


Delicate engagement ring with a solid, genuine iron meteorite.
Wonderful as an engagement ring, a unique gift for a special someone or just to keep for yourself.
You can combine this ring perfectly with other rings as a stacking ring or wear at as a single highlight on your hand.


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