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statement sized purple boulder opal pendant

statement sized purple boulder opal pendant

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Cord length
  • overall hanging length is 61.5mm (2.42 inches)
  • Australian boulder opal is 61.5x22mm (2.42x0.86 inches) big
  • including a black neoprene cord in the length of your choice, with a sterling silver clasp
  • ready to ship

This opal is a all natural, earth mined gemstone from Queensland/ Australia. This gorgeous stone has a stunning purple blue color with some blue, purple and green play of color, best seen in direct sunlight. Gemstone weight is 143.61 carats.

The black neoprene cord is super durable, withstands salt water and is perfect for every day wear.

Stunning, statement sized Australian boulder opal pendant.
Gemstone necklace for men and women alike, and perfect to be worn every day.
Unique gift for your 14th wedding anniversary or for a special person in your life. Opal is an October birthstone.

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