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cool mens statement ring, copper flame ring

cool mens statement ring, copper flame ring

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Statement sized black star sapphire flame ring, 100% hand crafted from sterling silver and copper, dark oxidized.

  • ring band 12mm to 5mm wide, tapered for comfortable fit
  • ring band itself is approx. 1.5mm thick, with flames 2.2mm
  • natural black star sapphire, about 10x8mm oval cabochon
  • made to order

The star of this ring is a genuine black star sapphire gemstone, accompanied by a flame pattern on both sides. The gemstone is all natural, untreated and with an oval cut. The star sapphire has a dark brown to black color base. When exposed to sunlight a mesmerizing six ray star can be seen on the surface of the gemstone! It moves across the surface when the ring is moved.

The gemstone is framed by copper flames, dark oxidized and matte brushed for an overall rustic character. The dark oxidized ring band makes the stone and flames stand out even more. The ring band is tapered towards the bottom and the inside edges are slightly rounded ensuring the ring is comfortable to wear. Hallmarked with 925.

+++flames in Nordic/ Viking culture+++
Natural forces of fire and ice were very important in the Nordic culture.
To this ancient culture the Northern Lights, seen as Bivröst - the Bridge between worlds - resembled flames.
Flames were also thought to renew the world after the events of Ragnarök, the battles between the gods and their enemies.

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